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Watching many locksmiths and safemen manipulate the Sentry safes and the time it took led to the beginning of a new research field. With 100's of hours of research on all the different Sentry safes, this was written. Specializing in manipulation since 1990, all the research led to a book being written like no other in United States. "SENTRY SAFE OPENING MANUAL".
SENTRY has perhaps the best home protected fireproof safe made and is shipped all over the world. Their safes are designed with combinations that are equal to their safes. This manual is not to be reproduced or sold to anyone other then Licensed Locksmiths.

Here are just a few Sentry safe models that this manual will help you open:

Sentry Model 1230, 1250, 1310, 1330, 1380, 1400, 2280, 3100, 3869, 3871, 5570, 6310, 6380, 6530, S0210, S407, S3110, S3877, TCB-331 and R3920
All right reserved Elmer Howard’s Sentry Safe Opening Manual
Sentry Safe Opening Manual

Elmer Howard's

A locksmith does not have to have previous manipulation experience to use this manual. The theory with this manual is that you with the directions given in this manual for any specific model of safe will find you the last number of the combination. The Manual then gives you the first two numbers of that combination.
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